Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Stigmatism That Comes With Having A Mental Illness

I don't often tell people that I have a mental illness because they say things like your crazy, your a nut, or your insane. People make judgments on what they don't know much about. There are some great people such as poets, actors, celebrities that suffer or have suffered from a mental illness. Linda Wagner, Kristy McNichole, Brittney Spears, Edgar Allen Poe, Mariah Carey, Thomas Edison, Mozart, just to name a few. These are all great people who are not quote unquote the norm but, they were or are successful in what they do. They're are gifted people in all walks of life. But, personally I think mentally ill people get treated a lot different. Whether it be from family, friends, co-workers, bosses and so on and so forth. I know a couple of guys who attend the same mental healh facility as myself that are just exceptionally talented in writing poetry. They have been published and you would never think just to look at them, that they have a menal illness. For prime example there is this guy that has a Phd. in Economics and he can't get a job because of his mental illness, not to mention his over qualifications. So what he did was he continued his education in a different field, so that he can still be successful in life. Mental Illness is a disease that is very treatable but, like the common cold is not curable. People tend to have a chemical inbalance in their brain where the neurotransmitters are, making the brain not function the way a person who is not diagnosed with a mental illness functions. Schizophrenics tend to hear voices, become paranoid, sometimes experiencing psychosis and etc. Someone like myself who suffers from Bipolar Disorder will experience Mania as well as Hyper-Mania. They tend to stay really energized, high and keep going for about a week or two until the body shuts down and they start to come off of the high, then they start experience a low feeling that includes deep depression that is sometimes hard to pull yourself out of. I know that there are alot of books that you can read on differnet types of mental illnesses but, I hope that the info that you have received from me will put things kind of in perspective. So the next time you meet someone, whom you think may have a mental illness, just be polite and ask them how their day is going and be prepared because they might tell you their life story or they may just say, "Good and yours?" and the fact you were nice enough to ask could very well make their day.

The Link Between Mental Illness and Paranormal Activity

In 1916 there was a suicide. This was the first suicide. Maybe this person had a war going on in their head and he or she could not take it anymore. The voices may have gotten so bad that it was unbearable. Depression could have kicked in and it may have become even worst or this person was experiencing something from the unknown.

In life you have your "normal" people and then you have the mentally ill. People who are unaware or just plain naive and ignorant about the mentally ill, may sometimes call them crazy, a nutcase, fruity, or totally insane. Because there is a stigmatism. We as the public must learn to understand. We should not judge.

When a mentally ill person suffers from mania, they can experience hallucinations or is it real? If you are sitting next to a person who maybe talking to their friend but, to the naked eye there is nothing there, does not necessarily mean that the person isn't seeing something like a spirit, ghost, or something of the supernatural. Sometimes they share stories that may or maynot be true but, in their mind it is a reality.

There are times when insanity brings out the reality that lingers on this earth. Paranoid Schizophrenics hear voices in there head. A lot of times there are multiple voices that are uncontrollable and no matter what psychotropic drug the person is on.

Sometimes when a person is mentally sick, they believe that they are invincible and nothing can touch them. A lot of times we have occurences of someone who is mental, believing they are Jesus Christ. There are even times when a person who is not in their right frame of mind begins to think that the government is after them or has been kidnapped by aliens.

We all must have a better understanding of what maybe of figment of a person's imagination or maybe it is real. We may never understand it until it happens to us.

The Art of Writing and My Writing Career

Hi, my name is Paris L. Matthews. I am a writer and a poet. My book is coming out in a couple of weeks. It is a book of my original poems. The book is called The Images Of Me. Look for it online or in the stores for $14.99 here shortly. Let me tell you about myself. I have been writing short stories and poetry since the age of eleven. My favorite poets are Emily Dickinson and Maya Angelou. I went to Kenmore High School. I studied O.W.E. and Business Co-op. I went to college at the University of Akron and I studied Theatre Artts and also Creative Writing. When I was younger I wanted to be a famous and successful actress. Then throughout the years my interests, goals, dreams, and aspirations changed. I would love to be a very successful and famous writing/poet. I am currently working on my second book. It is a book of short stories about depression/anxiety, mental health, science fiction, and paranormal activity. I hope that you all will buy it, read it and enjoy it. I hope that it becomes a best seller. I dream big. lol.

Writing is just as fundamental as reading. I believe if you are a good reader, then you can possibly become a good or even greater writer. You have to have a knack for creativety. You have to be able use appropriate grammar and punctuation. You MUST ALWAYS proofread your work for any typos and/or mistakes. You must edit and revise your work. There are tools that you have to use such as: Coming up with a title, setting the plot, creative a story that will grab your potential reading audience, in the ending of the book you should leave the reading audience amazed and eager to purchase your next book.

Coming up with different ideas for your stories should not be mind boggling. Of course, you do have to brain storm. You can do things like carrying a pen and pad everywhere you go, so that when you have an idea for your book, you want forget it. Here is an excercise that you can do. This really helps me. First you want to come up with names of you character for your book. But, quite naturally if it is an autobiography then you don't have to worry about character names. You want to jot down possible titles for your book. You must start a story with something you will want to invest the time and effort into. As a writer or poet, you should spend at least 30 minutes to and hour writing something everyday to better your skill and keep ideas fresh in your mind. Even, if it is not the project that you are currently working hard at. It could very well be, a few poems that have been at the back of your head. I know that even I should spend more time on my projects and trust me I'm a starving artist trying to be discovered and making it to the top. But, I will admit I have too much time on my hands. So, you ask yourself and as well as me asking much time am I going to devote to this particular project? Because, when all is said and done and you are ready to submit your work to the publishers, you take a deep breath and you realize that you may have created a bestseller. I encourage you to keep writing and don't forget to read about writing and better your skills. I look forward to seeing you at the top. Afterall, the sky is the LIMIT!!!